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It’s that season again where Muslims the world over commemorate the sacred Muslim month of Ramdan by fasting, prayer, good deeds and giving up some pleasures of life. For most, that means giving up their smartphones. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With any of these 9 apps, your smartphone can prove an instrumental companion this Ramadan season.


Twitter recently underwent some subtle changes, to ensure its Muslim users are not excluded, including breakfast reminders and hashtag icons.

Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro is a fully-featured app that includes location-based prayer time, visual and audio Azan and Adhan notifications in, a compass to show you the direction to Mecca and a  full audio Holy Quran translated into 15 different languages.

Available for AndroidiOS and Blackberry

Ramadan 2014

For those who will be doing a lot of travelling this Ramadan, and might be worried about keeping up with accurate prayer and fasting times, Ramdan 2014 is a perfect app. The app will serve you accurate imsak and iftar prayer times  for more than 251 countries.

Available for Android and iOS

Resala Ramadan

Resala Ramadan is the perfect for new Muslim converts who are almost clueless about what fasting in Ramadan entails.

Available for AndroidiOS and Windows Phone

Ramadan Achievements

The spirit of Ramadan is much more than just fasting. It’s also a season to exercise the habit of doing god deeds to people. Ramadan Achievements will remind you of all the good things you can do this Ramadan and also keep track of the ones you’ve done.

Available for Android

Ramadan Tracker

Very similar to Ramadan Achievements but it’s iOS only

Muslim Prayer Times

This app is essentially an alarm that will play the Azan call at the five Islamic daily prayers, showing you the position of qibla, moon phases, and Islamic events.

Available for Android.


InstaDeen offers photo sharing capabilities with Islamic content such as Quranic verses, hadiths and supplications. Simply put, it’s Instagram for Muslims.

Available for iOS

myDuaa: Fortress of a Muslim

Ramadan is also an opportunity for Islamic faithful to improve their prayer life. myDuaa is a huge database of Duaas (or supplications) dedicated to a variety of ocassions and emotions.

Available for AndroidiOS.

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