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.Message from Allah/ Messengers =  Green

.Sayings of the prophet =  Blue

.“Say” to the believers =  Purple

.Words of believers (not prophet) =  Highlighted Blue

.Words of disbelievers =  Maroon

.A line “____” represents within the same Surah,

more references of prophet





And to ‘Aad

.We sent their brother Hud, 


he said:

“My people,

serve God,

you have no god besides Him.

Will you not be righteous?”


The leaders who rejected from among his people said:

“We see you in foolishness,

and we think you are one of the liars”


He said:

“My people,

there is no foolishness in me,

but I am a messenger from the Lord of the worlds.”

“To deliver to you the messages of my Lord,

and to you I am a trustworthy advisor.”

“Are you surprised that a reminder has come to you from your Lord

through a man from among you to warn you?

And remember that He made you successors

after the people of Noah,

and He increased you in status.

So remember the grace of God,

that you may succeed.”


They said:

“Have you come to us to serve God alone

and abandon what our fathers had served?

Bring us what you promise

if you are of the truthful ones!”


He said:

“An affliction and wrath shall befall you from your Lord.

Do you argue with me over names

which you and your fathers have created

with no authority being sent down by God?

Wait then,

and I will wait with you.”


We saved him and those with him by a mercy from Us,

and We destroyed the remnant of those

who rejected Our revelations,

they were never believers.





And to ‘Aad was sent their brother Hud.


He said:

“My people,

serve God,

you have no god besides Him;

you are simply conjecturing.”

“My people,

I do not ask you for any wage,

my wage is from the One who has initiated me.

Will you not comprehend?”

“And my people,

seek forgiveness from your Lord,

then repent to Him;

He will send the sky to you abundantly,

and He will add might to your might.

So do not turn away as criminals.”


They said:

“O Hud,

you have not come to us with any proof,

nor will we leave our gods based on what you say.

We will not believe in you.”

“All we can say is that perhaps some of our gods

have seized you with evil.”


He said:

“I make God my witness,

and all of you witness,

that I am innocent of what you have set up.”

“Besides Him,

so plan against me all of you,

then do not give me respite.”

“I have placed my trust in God,

my Lord and your Lord.

There is not a creature except He will seize it by its forelock.

My Lord is on a straight path.”

“So, if you turn away,

then I have delivered what I have been sent to you with,

and my Lord will bring after you a people who are not like you;

and you cannot harm Him the least.

My Lord is Guardian over all things.”


And when Our command came,

We saved Hud and those who had believed with him

by a mercy from Us,

and We saved them from a mighty retribution.

Such was the case of ‘Aad.

They disregarded the revelations of their Lord,

and they disobeyed His messengers,

and they followed the command of every stubborn tyrant.

And they were followed by a curse in this world

and on the Day of Judgment,

for ‘Aad rejected their Lord.

So away with ‘Aad, the people of Hud.





(Shu’ayb said)

“And my people,

let not your hatred towards me incriminate you

that you suffer the fate

of what afflicted the people of Noah,

or the people of Hud,

or the people of Saleh;

and the people of Lot were not far off from you.”





Did not news come to you of those before you:

the people of Noah,

and ‘Aad,

and Thamud, and those after them whom none know except God?

Their messengers came to them with clarity,

but they placed their hands onto their mouths


and said:

“We are rejecting what you have been sent with,

and we are in doubt as to what you are inviting us to.”


Their messengers said:

“Is there doubt regarding God,

the initiator of the heavens and the earth?

He invites you so that He may forgive some of your sins,

and delay you to an appointed term.”


They said:

“You are merely human beings like us;

you wish to turn us away from what our fathers used to serve.

So come to us with a clear proof.”


Their messengers said:

“We are indeed human beings like you,

but God will bestow His grace upon whom He pleases

from His servants.

And it is not up to us to bring you proof

except with the permission of God.

And in God the believers should place their trust”

“And why should we not place our trust in God,

when He has guided us in our paths.

And we will be patient to the harm you inflict upon us.

And in God those who trust should place their trust.”


And those who rejected said to their messengers:

“We will expel you from our land,

or you will return to our creed.”


It was then that their Lord inspired to them:

“We will destroy the wicked.”





And if they deny you,

then before them the people of Noah

and ‘Aad

and Thamud had also denied.





So We sent a messenger to them from among them:

“Serve God,

you have no other god besides Him.

Will you not take heed?”


And the leaders from among his people who rejected

and denied the meeting of the Hereafter;

and We indulged them in this worldly life;



“What is this but a human being like you?

He eats from what you eat and he drinks from what you drink.”

“And if you obey a human being like you,

then you will indeed be losers.”

“Does he promise you that if you die and become dust and bones

that you will be brought out?”

“Far fetched is what you are being promised.”

“There is nothing but our worldly life,

we die and we live,

and we will not be resurrected.”

“He is but a man who has invented a lie against God,

and we will not believe in him.”


He said:

“My Lord,

grant me victory for what they denied me.”


He said:

“In a little while they will be in regret.”


So the scream took them with justice,

and We made them as dead plants.

So away with the wicked people.

Then We raised after them different generations.





And ‘Aad

and Thamud and the dwellers of Arras,

and many generations in between.

And for each one We put forth the examples,

and each one We destroyed utterly.





‘Aad denied the messengers.


.For their brother Hud said to them:

“Will you not be righteous?”

“I am to you a clear messenger.”

“So be aware of God and obey me.”

“And I do not ask you for any wage,

for my reward is upon the Lord of the worlds.”

“Do you build on every high place a symbol,

for the sake of vanity!”

“And you take for yourselves strongholds,

perhaps you will live forever?”

“And if you attack,

you strike ruthlessly?”

“So be aware of God and obey me.”

“And be aware of the One who provided you with what you know.”

“He provided you with livestock and sons.”

“And gardens and springs.”

“I fear for you the retribution of a great day”


They said:

“It is the same whether you preach or do not preach.”

“This is nothing except an invention by the people of old.”

“And we are not going to be punished.”


So they denied him,

and We destroyed them.

In that is a sign,

but most are not believers.

And your Lord is the Noble, the Merciful.





And ‘Aad

and Thamud.

Much was made apparent to you from their dwellings.

The devil had adorned their works in their eyes,

thus he diverted them from the path,

even though they could see.

And Qaroon, and Pharaoh, and Haamaan;

Moses went to them with clear proofs.

But they became arrogant in the land,

and they were not the first.

We took each by his sins.

Some of them We sent upon him violent winds,

some of them were taken by the scream,

some of them We caused the earth to swallow,

and some of them We drowned.

God is not the One who wronged them;

it is they who wronged themselves.





Disbelieving before them were the people of Noah,


and Pharaoh with the planks.

And Thamud, and the people of Lot,

and the dwellers of the Canyon;

these are the Confederates.

Each of them disbelieved the messengers,

therefore My retribution came to be.





Like the fate of the people of Noah,


and Thamud,

and those after them.

And God does not wish any injustice for the servants.

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As for Aad,

they turned arrogant on the earth,

without any right,


and they said:

Who is mightier than us in strength?


Did they not see that God,

who has created them,

was mightier than they in strength?

And they were denying Our revelations.

Consequently, We sent upon them a violent wind,

for a few miserable days,

that We may let them taste the humiliating retribution

in this worldly life,

and the retribution of the Hereafter is more humiliating;

they can never win.





Before their denial was that of the people of Noah,

and the dwellers of Al-Raas, and Thamud.

And Aad,

and Pharaoh, and the brethren of Lot.

And the people of the forest, and the people of Tubba`.

All of them disbelieved the messengers,

so the promise came to pass.





And also Aad,

for We sent upon them the barren wind.

Anything that it came upon was utterly destroyed.





And He is the One who destroyed `Aad the first.





Aad disbelieved.

So how was My retribution after the warnings!

We sent upon them a violent wind,

on a day of continuous misery.

It uprooted the people as if they were decayed palm tree trunks.

So how was My retribution after the warnings!






and Aad

disbelieved in the Shocker.

As for Thamud,

they were annihilated by the devastation.

And as for Aad,

they were annihilated by a furious violent wind.

He unleashed it upon them for seven nights and eight days,

in succession.

You could see the people destroyed in it,

as if they are decayed palm trunks.

Do you see any legacy for them?





Did you not see what your Lord did to Aad?

Irum, with the great columns?

The one which was like no other in the land?