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.Message from Allah/ Messengers =  Green

.Sayings of the prophet =  Blue

.“Say” to the believers =  Purple

.Words of believers (not prophet) =  Highlighted Blue

.Words of disbelievers =  Maroon

.A line “____” represents within the same Surah,

more references of prophet




3:33 God has selected Adam,



and the family of Abraham,

and the family of Imran

over the worlds.





We have inspired you

as We had inspired


and the prophets after him.

And We had inspired

Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob,

and the Patriarchs,

and Jesus, and Job, and Jonah, and Aaron, and Solomon;

and We gave David the Psalms.





And We granted him Isaac and Jacob,

both of whom We guided;



We guided from before;

and from his progeny is David,

and Solomon, and Job, and Joseph, and Moses, and Aaron.

It is such that We recompense

the good doers.





We had sent Noah to his people,


so he said:

“My people,

serve God,

you have no god besides Him.

I fear for you

the retribution of a great Day!”


The leaders from his people said:

“We see that you are clearly misguided.”


He said:

“My people,

I am not misguided,

but I am a messenger

from the Lord of the worlds.”

“I deliver to you the messages of my Lord,

and I advise you,

and I know from God

what you do not know.”


“Are you surprised that a reminder has come to you

from your Lord through a man

from among you to warn you,

and that you may receive mercy?”


They denied him,

so We saved him

and those with him in the ship,

and We drowned

those who denied

Our revelations;

they were a blind people.





Did the news not come to them

of those before them,

the people of Noah

and ‘Aad and Thamud.

And the people of Abraham,

and the dwellers of Midyan,

and those overthrown.

Their messengers came to them with clarity;

it was not God who wronged them,

but it was themselves that they wronged.





And recite to them

the news of Noah,


as he said to his people:

“My people,

if my station has become too troublesome for you,

and my reminding you of the signs of God,

then in God I place my trust.

So gather your evidence

and your partners,

then make certain your evidence

does not become against you,

then come to judge me,

and do not hold back.”

“But if you turn away,

then I have not asked you for any wage,

for my wage is with God.

And I have been commanded to be

of those who have submitted.”


They denied him,

so We saved him

and those with him in the ship,

and We made them successors,

and We drowned those who denied Our revelations.

So see how was the punishment

of those who were warned!





And We had sent Noah to his people:

“I am to you a clear warner!” “

That you serve none except God.

I fear for you the retribution of a painful day.”


The leaders who rejected

from among his people said:

“We do not see you except as a human being like us,

and we see that only the lowest among our people

who have no opinion have followed you.

And we do not see a thing that makes you better than us;

in fact,

we think you are liars.”


He said:

“O my people,

do you see that

should I be upon a clarity from my Lord,

and He has given me a mercy from Himself,

that you may be blinded to it?

Shall we compel you to it while in-fact you hate it?”

“And my people,

I do not ask you for money,

my wage is from God.

Nor will I turn away those who believe,

for they will meet their Lord.

But I see that you are a people who are ignorant.”

“And my people,

who will give me victory against God

if I turn them away?

Will you not remember!”

“Nor do I say to you

that I have the treasures of God,

nor do I know the future,

nor do I say that I am an angel,

nor do I say to those whom your eyes look down upon

that God will not grant them any good.

God is more aware of what is in their souls;

in such case I would be among the wicked.”


They said:

“O Noah,

you have argued with us,

and continued arguing with us,

so bring us what you promise us

if you are of the truthful ones.”


He said:

“It is God who will bring it to you if He wishes;

you will not have any escape.”

“And my advice will not benefit you if I wanted to advise you

and God wanted that you should go astray.

He is your Lord,

and to Him you will return.”


Or do they say:

“He has invented it?”



“If I have invented it,

then I am responsible for my crime,

and I am innocent from your crimes”


And it was inspired to Noah:

“No more of your people will believe

except those who have already believed.

So do not be saddened by what they have done.”

“And construct the ship

under Our eyes

and Our inspiration,

and do not speak to Me

regarding those who are wicked.

They will be drowned.”


And as he was constructing the ship,

every time any cluster from his people passed by,

they mocked him.


He said:

“If you mock us,

then we also mock you as you mock.”

“You will know to whom the retribution will come to disgrace him,

and upon him will be a lasting punishment.”


So, when Our command came

and the chamber erupted.


We said:

“Carry in it a pair from each kind,

and your family;

except those against whom the word has been issued;

and whoever has believed.”


But those who believed with him were few.


And he said:

“Ride in it,

in the name of God

shall be its running and its anchorage.

My Lord is Forgiving,



And while it was running with them

in waves like mountains,


Noah called to his son,

who was in an isolated place:

“My son,

ride with us,

and do not be with the rejecters!”


He said:

“I will take refuge to the mountain

which will protect me from the water.”


He said:

“There is no protection from the decree of God

except for those He has granted mercy.”


And the wave came between them,

so he was one of those who drowned.


And it was said:

“O land,

swallow your water,

and O sky,



And the water was diminished,

and the matter concluded.

And it came to rest on the Judi,


and it was said:

“Away with the wicked people.”


And Noah called on his Lord,

and he said:

“My Lord,

my son is from my family,

and your promise is the truth,

and you are the Wisest of all Judges.”


He said:

“O Noah,

he is not from your family,

he was of an unrighteous deed,

so do not ask what you have no knowledge of.

I advise you not to be of the ignorant.”


He said:

“My Lord,

I seek refuge with You

from asking You

what I do not have knowledge of.

And if You do not forgive me

and have mercy on me,

I will be of the losers!”


It was said:

“O Noah,

descend in peace from Us

and blessings upon you

and upon nations to come

from those with you.

And nations whom We will give enjoyment,

then a painful retribution

will reach them from Us.”





Did not news come to you

of those before you:

the people of Noah,

and ‘Aad, and Thamud,

and those after them

whom none know except God?

Their messengers came to them with clarity,


but they placed their hands onto their mouths and said:

“We are rejecting

what you have been sent with,

and we are in doubt

as to what you are inviting us to.”


Their messengers said:

“Is there doubt regarding God,

the initiator of the heavens and the earth?

He invites you

so that He may forgive some of your sins,

and delay you to an appointed term.”


They said:

“You are merely human beings like us;

you wish to turn us away

from what our fathers used to serve.

So come to us with a clear proof.”


Their messengers said:

“We are indeed human beings like you,

but God will bestow His grace

upon whom He pleases

from His servants.

And it is not up to us

to bring you proof

except with the permission of God.

And in God the believers

should place their trust”

“And why should we not place

our trust in God,

when He has guided us in our paths.

And we will be patient to the harm you inflict upon us.

And in God those who trust should place their trust.”


And those who rejected said to their messengers:

“We will expel you from our land,

or you will return to our creed.”


It was then that their Lord inspired to them:

“We will destroy the wicked.”





The progeny of those

whom We carried with Noah,

he was a thankful servant.





And how many a generation

have We destroyed

after Noah?

And it is enough for your Lord

to have knowledge

and sight

over the sins of His servants.





Those are the ones whom God has blessed

from among the prophets

from the progeny of Adam,

and those

We carried with Noah,

and from the progeny of Abraham and Israel,

and from whom We have guided and chosen.

When the revelations of the Almighty are recited to them,

they fall down prostrating,

and in tears.





And Noah

when he called out before that,

thus We responded to him,

and We saved him

and his family

from the great distress.

And We granted him victory

against the people

who denied Our revelations.

They were a people of evil,

so We drowned them all.





And if they deny you,

then before them

the people of Noah

and ‘Aad and Thamud

had also denied.





And We have sent Noah to his people,


so he said:

“O my people,

serve God,

you have no other god besides Him.

Will you not take heed?”


But the leaders who rejected

from among his people said:

“What is this but a human being like you?

He wants to make himself better than you!

And if it was indeed the will of God,

He would have sent down angels.

We did not hear such a thing

among our fathers of old.”

“He is no more than a man

who has madness in him.

So keep watch on him for a while.”


He said:

“My Lord,

grant me victory

for what they denied me.”


So We inspired him:

“Construct the ship

under Our eyes

and Our inspiration.


when Our command comes

and the chamber erupts,

then you shall take in it a pair

from each kind,

and your family;

except for those of them

upon whom the word has come.

And do not address Me

regarding those who have done wrong,

for they will be drowned.”


So when you and those who are with you

have embarked on the ship,


then say:

“All praise is due to God

who has saved us from the wicked people.”


And say:

“My Lord,

cause me to embark upon a blessed place,

for You are the best for those who embark.”


In this are signs,

and We will always test.





And the people of Noah,

when they denied the messengers

We drowned them,

and We made them a lesson for the people.

And We have prepared for the wicked

a painful retribution.





The people of Noah

disbelieved the messengers.

When their brother Noah


said to them:

“Will you not be righteous?”

“I am to you a trustworthy messenger.”

“So be aware of God

and obey me.”

“And I do not ask you for any wage,

for my reward is upon the Lord of the worlds.”

“So be aware of God

and obey me.”


They said:

“Shall we believe to you

when the lowest type of people have followed you?”


He said:

“And what knowledge do I have

of what they used to do?”

“Their judgment is on my Lord,

if you could know.”

“And I will not drive away the believers.”

“I am but a clear warner.”


They said:

“If you do not cease,

O Noah,

you will be of those who are stoned.”


He said:

“My Lord,

my people have denied me!”

“So open between me and them a rift,

and save me

and those who are with me

of the believers.”


So We saved him

and those who were with him

in the charged ship.

Then after that

We drowned the rest.

In that is a sign,

but most of them are not believers.

And your Lord is the Noble,

the Merciful.





And We had sent

Noah to his people,

so he stayed with them

one thousand years less fifty.

Then the flood took them while they were wicked.

So We saved him and the people on the ship,

and We made it a sign for the worlds.





And when We took from the prophets their covenant.

And from you,

and from Noah,

and Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus, son of Mary;

We took from them a solemn covenant.

So that the truthful may be asked about their truthfulness,

and He has prepared for the rejecters a painful retribution.





And Noah had called upon Us,

for We are the best to respond.

And We saved him and his family from the great disaster.

And We made his progeny the one that remained.

And We kept his history for those who came later.

Peace be upon Noah among the worlds.

It is such that We reward the righteous.

He is of Our believing servants.





Disbelieving before them

were the people of Noah,

‘Aad, and Pharaoh with the planks.





Denial had come before them

from the people of Noah

and the opponents after them,

and every nation plotted against their messenger to seize him,

and they disputed by means of falsehood to defeat with it the truth.

So I took them;

how then was My punishment!





Like the fate of

the people of Noah,

Aad, and Thamud,

and those after them.

And God does not wish any injustice for the servants.





He has decreed for you the same system

He ordained for Noah,

and what We inspired to you,

and what We ordained for Abraham, Moses, and Jesus:

You shall uphold this system,

and do not divide in it.

Intolerable for the polytheists is what you invite them towards.

God chooses for Himself whoever He wills;

He guides to Himself those who repent.





Before their denial was that of

the people of Noah,

and the dwellers of Al-Raas, and Thamud.





And the people of Noah before;

they were a wicked people.





And the people of Noah before that;

they were evil transgressors.





The people of Noah disbelieved before them.


They disbelieved Our servant and said:

He is crazy! And he was oppressed.


So he called on his Lord:

I am beaten, so grant me victory.

So We opened the gates of the sky with pouring water.

And We caused springs to gush out of the earth.

Thus the waters met to a command which had been measured.

We carried him on a craft made of slabs and mortar.

It ran under Our watchful eyes;

a reward for one who was rejected.

And We have left it as a sign.

Are there any who want to learn?

So how was My retribution after the warnings!





And We had sent Noah

and Abraham,

and We placed in their progeny the prophethood

and the Book.

Some of them were guided,

while many were wicked.





And when the water flooded,

We carried you on the vessel.

That We would make it as a reminder for you,

and so that any listening ear may understand.





We have sent Noah to his people:

“Warn your people before a painful retribution comes to them.”


He said:

“My people, I am to you a clear warner.”

“That you shall serve God and be aware of Him and obey me.”

“He shall forgive your sins and delay you to a predetermined time.

When the time of God comes, then it cannot be delayed,

if you know.”


He said:

“My Lord, I have called on my people night and day.”

“But my calling only drove them away!” “

And every time I called on them so that You may forgive them,

they put their fingers in their ears

and they covered their heads with their outer garments

and they insisted,

and they became greatly arrogant.”

“Then I called to them openly.”

“Then I announced to them,

and I spoke to them in secret.”


“And I said:

Seek forgiveness from your Lord,

for He was forgiving.”

“He sends the sky to you abundantly.”

“And He provides you with wealth and sons,

and He makes for you gardens,

and He makes for you rivers.”

“Why do you not seek God humbly.”

“While He created you in stages?”

“Did you not see how God created seven heavens in layers?”

“And He made the moon to illuminate in them,

and He made the sun to be a lamp?”

“And God made you grow from the earth as plants.”

“Then He returns you to it,

and He brings you out totally?”

“And God made the land for you as a plain.”

“So that you may seek in it ways and paths?”


Noah said:

“My Lord, they have disobeyed me

and have followed he whose money and children

only increased him in loss.”

And they plotted a great plotting.


And they said:

“Do not abandon your gods.

Do not abandon Destroyer,

nor Fertility,

nor Lion,

Stallion and Eagle.”


And they have misguided many,

but We only increase the wicked in misguidance.

Because of their wrongdoing they were drowned,

then they were admitted to the Fire,

and they could not find besides God any victor.


And Noah said:

“My Lord, do not leave on the earth any of the rejecters at all.”

“If you are to leave them,

then they will misguide Your servants

and they will only give birth to a wicked rejecter.”

“My Lord, forgive me,

and my parents,

and whoever enters my home as a believer,

and the believing males, and the believing females;

and do not increase the wicked except in destruction.”