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Advertise With Us…

Why should I advertise with MuslimForAllah.com

There is no denying muslimsforallah.com is a new hub for Quranic Muslims.

If you would like to advertise with us, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your target audience will have the same common  interests that you have, “Islam” and moreover, unlike other websites and organisations, we do NOT charge for allowing you to advertise with us. Not a single penny, cent, dollar or pound, it is totally FREE to you.

Ok, I want to advertise…What do I do now?

Request via email  –muslimsforallah.com@gmail.com – and then give us some details of the website you want to advertise, and how long you want the advert to run for. As it is free we allow for  maximum duration of a month long advertising campaign.

We will then do the rest…

Peace & Regards

MuslimsForAllah.com Team