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Blue-Eyed Deafness in the Quran

20.102 On the day when the trumpet shall be blown, and We will gather the guilty, >>>blue-eyed<<<, on that day

Blue-eyed in Arabic:

Zay-Ra-Qaf = blue-eyed, grey-eyed, greenish hue in the eye, blindness (due to the pupil being grey due to cataract), become very clear/bright, to show the whites of the eye, piercing (e.g. with a spear), look sharply/intently, intense colour of the eye.

In “Deaf White Cat” cognitional deafness and the blue eyes are linked.


“Deaf white cats are domestic cats with a pure white coat. Some white cats suffer from congenital deafness caused by a degeneration of the inner ear.[1] This condition is associated with blue irises. In white cats with mixed-coloured eyes (odd-eyed cats), it has been found that DEAFNESS IS MORE LIKELY TO AFFECT THE EAR ON THE BLUE-EYE SIDE.[1] White cats can have blue, gold, green, or copper coloured odd eyes.

In one 1997 study of white cats with varying degrees of hearing deficiency, 72% of the animals were found to be totally deaf. The entire organ of Corti was found to have degenerated within the first few weeks after birth; however, EVEN DURING THESE WEEKS NO BRAIN STEM RESPONSE COULD BE EVOKED BY AUDITORY STIMULI, suggesting that these animals had never experienced any auditory sensations. It was found that some months after the organ of Corti had degenerated, the spiral ganglion also began to degenerate.[2]”

An intensive sound or as stated in the Quran,

the blowing of the ا صُّورِ The Trumpet could potentially cause a blue-eyed deafness.

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