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One of the most wide spread myths that has been associated with God’s religion over the centuries is the issue of “Polygamy”. It is customary for people when they think of Islam, or even when they embrace Islam, that they automatically have a license to marry more than one wife (upto a maximum of 4). Men tend to fantasize that …

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Have you circumcised your son? This is the first question Sunni, Shia, some Christian, and Jewish followers will ask when they hear that a newborn male has come into this world… What slips our minds and what many of us don’t take notice of is WHY are we circumcising our young sons (and in some cases girls also) immediately and …

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Menstruation and Religious Duties

According to Muslim scholars, a woman is not allowed to perform her religious duties if she is menstruating. A woman has been disallowed from performing her Salat (prayers performed to get closer to God) if she happens to be menstruating. Worse still, woman are also told that they are not allowed to fast either if they are menstruating. The logic …

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Why Are We Here?

One of the major questions that any person asks when exploring the subject of life and religion in general is the ‘why are we here’ question. Some people have claimed that if there is an afterlife and reward/punishment, then God is unfair since He is judging people who may not have wanted to be created or placed on Earth in …

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