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Study Tools


This study analyses where each prophet is mentioned or discussed in the Quran, this study highlights the chapter and verse…Study on-going…  

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Listen to Quran

Reciter: change Reciters: Sourah: Play interval: From: To:   Advanced: Show/Hide(Those settings could be changed while playing the selection) Repeat times (per verse): Repeat all: Time(s)*): stands for playing the selection One time, 2 for Two times and so on, 0 is to loop infinitly Would you like to repeat after the reciter ? Yes No Powered by:

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Quran Spreadsheet

THE FREE SPREADSHEET, A MUST HAVE FOR ALL QURAN ONLY FOLLOWERS. Complete Quran word for word with filtering spreadsheet and concordance maker. The concordance maker will show you your selected word in every ayat; Arabic, Transliteration and English. 76.9 Enjoy *The concordance creator has changed MUCH EASIER NOW. All you need to do now to create a full concordance is …

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