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99 years since the fall of Jerusalem

The Ottomans surrendered Jerusalem to Britain on 9 December 1917 What: The Battle of Jerusalem Where: Palestine When: 17 November – 30 December 1917 What happened? Not long after the Balfour Declaration was signed on 2 November 1917 promising the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine after World War I, British troops led by General Edmund Allenby turned towards …

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Raising a Muslim daughter in America | Ranna Abduljawad | TED

When Ranna Abduljawad became a mother after twelve years of marriage, she never imagined she would have to explain discrimination to her daughter at an early age, but as a Muslim mother, that has been her reality. In her talk, Abduljawad explains how prejudice and fear profoundly affect families, especially children. Too often, stories of anti-Muslim speech, action and violence …

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This Muslim American Isn’t Afraid Of Donald Trump or Terrorism

My name is Marwa Balkar. I am a 22-year-old born and raised in this beautiful country. I am also an American Muslim, which is a difficult thing to be in this moment in America’s history. Between the rise of terror threats of people claiming to follow the same religion as me, and the dehumanization of Muslims by most GOP candidates, …

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Aasif Mandvi’s Flight Safety Rules For Brown People

Everyone hates flying, but brown people have it especially rough. Comedian and famous brown man Aasif Mandvi shows brown people how to blend in with the white folks and actually make their flight in this hysterical but all-too-true flight safety PSA. NOTE: these examples have actually happened. Seriously. We wish we were making this up. To learn more about how …

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Quran disapproves all hadiths apart from the Quran itself (39:18-23, 52:34, 4:87, 18:6, 77:50, 53:59); Predicts that Muslim polytheists would call their forged teachings hadith (7:185, 12:111; 31:6; 33:38; 35:43; 45:6; 52:34; 77:50); Distances itself from all hadiths (12:111); Instructs to keep distance from hadithmongers who would mock the Quranic messages and import corruption to Islam (6:68, 4:140); Predicts and …

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