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Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?

What makes someone become an Islamic extremist? Is it poverty? Lack of education? A search for meaning? Haroon Ullah, a senior State Department advisor and a foreign policy professor at Georgetown University, shares what he discovered while living in Pakistan.

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What would be considered a basic divine quality of Quran?

A message and a reminder that conforms to a vast variety of people, systems, and cultures has to be detailed enough, flawless, clear, consistent, with no contradictions and no SUBJECTIVITY or CONDITIONS. That’s exactly how our Creator describes it in His book by His own perfect words. While His laws and systems are the eternal absolute truth at all times, …

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Ramadan fast in UK ‘should be shortened’ says scholar

There is a call for British Muslims to reduce their fasting hours during Ramadan, which begins this week. Daylight hours last longer here than in the Middle East, and some community groups say the longer fasting time could be harmful. However, many Muslims in the UK say there is no compromise when it comes to Ramadan. Shabnam Mahmood reports.

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Lesley Hazleton: A “tourist” reads the Koran

Lesley Hazleton sat down one day to read the Koran. And what she found — as a non-Muslim, a self-identified “tourist” in the Islamic holy book — wasn’t what she expected. With serious scholarship and warm humor, Hazleton shares the grace, flexibility and mystery she found, in this myth-debunking talk from TEDxRainier.

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The Issue of Marital Rape in the Middle East

Marital rape occurs when your spouse forces you to have sex or perform sexual acts against your will. Research shows that marital rape can be equally, if not more, emotionally and physically traumatizing than rape by a stranger. Most countries in the West criminalized marital rape from the late 20th century onwards. Yet, even today, many countries in the Middle …

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