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The three British men who embraced Islam

There is a little-known story of three English gentlemen who embraced Islam at a time when to be a Muslim was to be seen to be a traitor to your country. Through personal journeys of still surviving relatives, the programme looks at their achievements and how their legacy lives on today.   William Henry Quilliam, a local Liverpool solicitor and …

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Muslim Girls Sent Home For What They Were Wearing

In Belgium, 30 Muslim schoolgirls were sent back home on Friday, May 29, because they were wearing long skirts. The principal said it was a new rule, but he let them back in on Monday, skirts and all. Some are calling it religious discrimination.

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Change of heart: anti-Islam protester observes prayer service

PHOENIX (KSAZ) – Photos show Jason Leger with the organizer of the rally, both of them wore profanity-laced t-shirts. Now things have changed. “Out of respect for the Islamic people, knowing what I know now, because I have talked to them and spoke to them, no I would not do that again, just because I don’t want to offend or …

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Bikers Plan ‘Anti-Muslim’ Protest Outside Arizona Mosque

A group of bikers in Arizona are planning to hold a protest outside an Islamic center on Friday — but local clergy hope to head them off with a message of inclusivity. The bikers’ protest, dubbed “Freedom of Speech Rally Round II,” is scheduled to take place outside the the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix. The name is a reference …

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