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Enso Zen Circle

Enso Zen Circle Buddist Symbol for Zen: Asian Religions EACH CIRCLE IN THE VIDEO REPRESENTS CONCENTRATIVE FOCUS! 円相 ensō 円相 ensō 円相 ensō 円相 ensō 円相 ensō The symbol for the Zen Buddhist is known as the Enso. Enso symbolizes the universe, nothingness, and enlightenment. When the Calligrapher creates an Enso on a sheet he / she must be focused …

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The Messenger amongst us………..

By: James Ada   When the Quran says WE, it is because the Quran (the Holy Spirit) is talking about ITSELF and Allah. The Quran always speaks about 3 important traits that we posses Seeing, Hearing and Psyche (intelligence/faith) What we have come to know as…. Hear no, Speak no, See No evil. Or as the Quran puts it DEAF, …

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The Theory of Absolute Infinity

The theory of Absolute Infinity and the evidence of God Did Georg Cantor get it wrong?(∞) The Greatest Oxymoron in Existence. Before I try and explain my point of view please understand I am NOT a mathematician, nor do I possess any diplomas that qualify me to attempt answering this question. I apologize for any uneducated errors. What I believe …

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