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Does the Quran permit temporary (mutaa) marriages?

Marriage in the Quran is regarded as a long lasting bond between man and woman. This is evident in the many verses where God clearly discourages divorce. A number of verses in the Quran speak of a number of requirements which must be fulfilled before divorce can be completed. These requirements confirm that temporary marriages for pleasure are totally against the teachings of God.

We note that God made marriage very easy, but divorce very difficult. God placed only one requirement on a man to marry a woman (the payment of a dowry). But on the other hand, God placed a number of requirements on the man which he must fulfill should he decide to divorce his wife:

1- Wait 4 months cooling period before committing to divorce (2:226)

2- Seek a council from the 2 families (4:35)

3- Give the wife a divorce compensation (2:241)

4- Not expel the wife from the marriage home (65:1)

5- Pay for children’s alimony (2:233)

6- If the man divorces a wife who is nursing his child, he must pay for her food and clothes for two years (2:233)

All these requirements confirm that marriage is regarded in the Quran as a sincere intention of a long lasting bond between man and woman, and not just a stamped paper from a puppet Imam that allows the man to have sex with a woman for a while then get rid of her.

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