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Examples of Hadith that Insult GOD

To follow are some examples of hadith which contain insults against God.

It may be useful to remind ourselves first with what God Almighty says about Himself in the Quran:

“No visions can encompass Him, but He encompasses all visions. He is the Compassionate, the Cognizant.” 6:103

“… There is nothing like Him, …” 42:11

When Moses asked to see God, God told him that he cannot see Him. 7:143

Now let us read some of the fabrications Bukhari and Moslem have in their books describing God and claiming it to be the words of the Prophet:

(1) God appears to His believers and they see Him as they see the full moon! (Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 93, Number 529).

(2) God descends to the lower Heaven every night.

(3) God put His foot over Hell fire so it becomes full, (Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 78, Number 654).

(4) God shows his leg to the believers to recognize Him.

(5) God laughs as humans! (Moslem Book 1, Number 349).

(6) God has five fingers, on the first He puts Heaven, on the second finger He puts the Earth, on the third, He puts the trees, on the fourth He puts the water and the land and on the fifth He puts the rest of His creation.

(7) God has a mansion in Heaven and Muhammed is permitted to enter it three times a day.

These lies and fabrications are not widely publicised by Hadith Scholars because they expose the true Bukhari. These Hadiths also depict Islam to the Western reader as an archaic medieval religion that is the fiction of desert nomads! Can anyone blame them when  read such hadith then knowing that hadith forms the backbone of the Islam that is practiced in the world today?

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