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Fresh Water – A Blessing of Allah

By: James Ada


At birth our bodies are approx 75% water
We can’t live a week without FRESH WATER.

What most people don’t realise is 97.5% of water on the Earth is Oceans

That leaves 2.5% Fresh Water for ALL OF LIFE to exist.

Lets break down Fresh water a little more

So within the 2.5% Fresh Water

0.3% is Surface Water-
This accounts for all the rivers on earth

70% of this Fresh water is Polar

Remaining 27.7% is ground water

And the sustainer of life

If you want to go deeper (excuse the pun)

From this 27.7% ground water (within the 2.5% of usable water)
70% goes to agriculture22% goes to industrial usage
And the remaining 8% is used for drinking (Including cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc)

Yes, from the 2.5% of all water on earth and the 27.7% ground water within it,

ONLY 8% (even less) is available for drinking yet we survive and prosper.

In other words, from the total amount of Fresh water on Earth 0.055% (8% of 27.7% of 2.5%) is the sustainer of human life.

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