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This is a fairly new quranic page, this is what we found on the “Author” section of the page.

KASHIF SHAHZADA is the author of The Authority of Al Qur’an. His articles and essays, which focus on presenting Islam from a Qur’anic perspective have featured in numerous local and international journals. He was brought up and educated in Karachi, Pakistan, then lived in England for Higher Education, graduating from Birmingham City University. While pursuing a career in consultancy he has held posts in numerous UK diversity and faith-related programmes. He was a contributor to ‘Blogging the Qur’an’ project for the British Newspaper, The Guardian, and was acknowledged for his insights on the Islamic Scripture by Ziaudin Sardar in Reading the Qur’an: The contemporary Relevance of the Sacred Text of Islam (Oxford University Press, 2011). Shahzada returned to his native Pakistan in 2007 from where he continues with his research and writing.


You can find the site by clicking the link here: http://kashifshahzada.com/

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