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Light of Allah

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O Allah! give us the necessary strength and selfless sincerity to bring Thy
Light to a world steeped in darkness. Let Mallaika descend on us to speed this process.

But we have to make our hearts a worthy place to receive them.

O Allah! open our hearts and make it humble so that we can spread the light of your message.
(Sometimes due to mutual differences you are overpowered with feelings of dislike and hatred. In such situations do not indulge in detestable actions. For instance) One faction starts ridiculing the other and tries belittling them. It is quite possible that those being ridiculed might be better than the members of your own party. Neither your men nor women should show such behaviour; nor should you scandalize one another; nor be sarcastic and call offensive names. After professing Eiman you are expected to exhibit exemplary behaviour. You should not address one another illmanneredly. This is very offensive. If someone has acted like that he should immediately regret it and stop this attitude. If he does not do so, according to the Divine Law he would be considered guilty.


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