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Quran Only

The following Facebook group has over 12k members…

This is what they have on their “About” section…


We only go by the QURAN please 
NO hadiths follower or sunni
NO wicca or other human made sects (unless they want to convert to pure Islam)
and be respectful, no insults between us
No critics
We all are muslims

Guidelines of the Group:
– Do not write posts to harm, mock, or hurt other Quran only muslims.
– Do not spam posts to start trouble. And do not spam post things.
– Do not block the admin.
– Do not curse at anyone.
– Do not threaten or harass anyone.
– When you come to respond, respond respectfully and bring evidence.

Failure to obey the rules will result in a warning. Failure to comply with the warning will result in a ban.

The main Administrator is
Sabah London

Quran Only:
17:45 speak about people believe in quran but they want quran + the books of the Rabies and Sheikhs, Imams etc, when you mention allah in QURAN ONLY, means when you speak about religion from quran alone they escape.


The link for the group is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/330609960417052/

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