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This is a fairly new and popular Quran Alone Blog, by Ro Waseem.

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Hi there, and thanks for dropping by! 🙂

Writing about one’s self, I find now, is no easy task. Well, let’s just start by saying that I’m a Muslim who is fed up about the misconceptions regarding Islam that are prevalent across the world. What’s rather strange in this case is that most of these misconceptions are actually promoted by my fellow traditionalist Muslims. Clearing these misconceptions and challenging the mentality that accepts barbarity just because Islam gets attached to it is the primary purpose of this blog, I would say.

But, that’s not all. Here, I also write about the personal realizations that I’ve acquired during my journey as a Muslim. Now speaking on that for a bit! Although I was “born” into a Muslim household, I only consider myself to be a Muslim since the time I started reading and understanding the Quran for myself. After all, you can’t be a Muslim and not know what the Quran says. Ever heard of someone being born a Communist? Thought so!

As a Muslim and a student of the Quran; I believe in progressive thought, freedom of expression, and tolerance. And, yes, these are Quranic values, believe it or not. One of the most important things I advocate for is critical thinking, independent of what is widely accepted by others. Rational thinking is what the Quran promotes; therefore, I do not allow dogmas and irrational beliefs to become a part of my belief system.

My approach is a bit unorthodox and is primarily centered on the Quran, whereby any other source is looked upon as secondary and is only accepted if it doesn’t contradict or add additional legislation to the Quran. In theory, everyone agrees. But practically, this is hardly the case. In addition, I acknowledge and encourage multiple interpretations of the Quran, provided they do not contradict the core message of the Quran.

A bit of my background

I’ve always liked writing, but I never imagined myself writing on a regular basis. This, perhaps, changed, when one night, dying out of boredom, I decided to write an article on misconceptions about Islam, just to jot down my thoughts and see “where it goes.” However, upon its completion, I was pretty satisfied with what I had written, and thus posted it on my Facebook profile. To my delight, it was really well received by family and friends, even though it was quite a controversial article going by traditional standards. I believe this was a very defining moment of my life, and I sincerely thank those who appreciated that piece so much, as they all really helped in boosting my writing confidence.

And so, I launched this blog in January 2014, expecting to use it as a reference to my spiritual evolution and perhaps serve as an aid for some like-minded Muslims. But, I was in for a surprise. Day by day, I saw my readership growing, and people expressing their gratitude in the comments section.

My Credentials

My blogs have been published by Patheos, Onfaith, The Express Tribune, The Malaysian Insider, to name the prominent ones; and my articles have been endorsed by Irshad Manji, Reza Aslan, Lesley Hazleton, Harris Zafar, Zuhdi Jasser, Qassim Rashid, and others on Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, I am a member of the Guidance Team set up by Irshad Manji to cater to everyday theological questions.

A BIG thank you to all my readers who support me for my unorthodox views! You folks are awesome!

If you have any suggestions to make, or simply want to get in touch, you can email me on roohail93@gmail.com

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