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Quranist Love Connection

This is a friendship, finding your soulmate, partner, husband/wife group for Quranists.

There are just over 100 members in the group.

This is what we found on the “About” section of the page.


Salaamun alaykum. Love comes in many forms. There is love between parents and their children, between siblings, between friends, and between romantic lovers. Above all these types of love is the love between God and an individual. To be able to share love with others is indeed a glorious gift. I pray that you find more people to love who love God as much as you do.

Please feel free to add anyone who might be interested in this type of group. The privacy is set to closed so that non-members are not able to see what is posted.

Group rules: This group is strictly for sharing, giving, and finding love in its many forms. As such, debating about scripture or criticizing another’s beliefs or opinions is not allowed. You are free to express your beliefs that relate to love and relationships. If you wish to engage in debate or verse study, please keep to other groups such as Quranology Discussions or Quranists Reverts and Converts Support Group. Any posts that violate the rules will be removed immediately upon discovery and repeat offenders will have their group memberships terminated.

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