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Quranists.net – Info on Quranism

This is a popular Quranists Facebook group.

With over 1,9K members, this is what we found on the “About” section of the group…

Salaam Aleykum

A welcoming place for people to find out about Quranism and Quranists. Wall is open to questions. The website is http://quranists.net/The blog ishttp://quranistvoices.wordpress.com/
Welcome Packhttp://quranistswelcomepack.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/welcome-to-quranists-net-info-on-quranism/

*Quranists.net info on Quranism FB Group Rules*

DO Please bear in mind social etiquette, manners, politeness and respect in this group. We enjoy a good CLEAN sense of humour here.

DO post comments in English so that the group can be moderated effectively.

DO Please be courteous to other members and try to keep new threads within the realm of the purpose of the group, which is to clear up misconceptions about Quranism. We know you want to show off your photos of what you got up to last weekend or what your current favourite pop band is, but please share these on your own FB profile and not in the Info on Quranism group unless it’s Quranism related of course! :o)

DO Please also try to stick to the topic in hand on the thread. For long discussions that lead to new topics, you are very welcome to start a new thread.

DO Be mature and respectful when discussing adult content/themes.

DO Remember that we have new people joining the group all the time too. Let’s make sure the thread they land on when they come in is something welcoming, mature, civilised, respectful and intelligent, InshaaAllah. First impressions count. Thanks.

Don’t forget the aim of the group: to clear up misconceptions about Quranism and provide information about this approach.

Don’t post articles, links, videos etc promoting / supporting the non-Quranic concept that 2 verses should be removed from the Quran.

Don’t troll, spam, or cyber-bully.
Name calling, rudeness, foul and/or offensive language, disrespect, attacks, threats, insults, abuse, sneers, obscenities, inciting hatred, rudeness and making slanderous accusations are not allowed.

Don’t waste Admin’s time.
No repeated bumping of threads to the top for no good reason,
No duplicate threads
No deleting of threads without the permission of admin.
No commenting on closed threads.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you could unintentionally offend other group members. Joke comments and adult humour of a sexually suggestive nature are not appropriate here nor conducive to productive discussion and may cause discomfort to some members so please try to be considerate in this area.


Debating is welcomed here. Please try to remember that debates that get heated usually stem from frustration over misunderstandings. Please try to remember the Quranic approach of etiquette and remain patient and give your evidence. Don’t expect to change the other person’s opinion or beliefs they are entitled to them, just as you are entitled to your beliefs and opinions. Simply agree to disagree in peace. (WATDIP)

If the debate turns into an argument with insults and ad hominem attacks, then a warning will be sent to the perpetrator(s). If the behaviour continues after the warning, the perpetrator(s) may be removed from the group.

If Admin removes a comment, thread or a member from the group, please do not accuse Admin of censorship or controlling of information. Comments are rarely deleted and only in the case of severe rule breaking (where not deleting the offending comment results in clutter / spam / offensiveness on the group wall) Comments/members are never removed for a difference of opinion.

It is better to end the debate amicably, agreeing to differ and with “Salaam Aleykum /Peace/WATDIP”. Ending the debate in such a way may NOT be referred to as “running away” or “losing the debate”. There are no winners or losers here, we are all trying to learn and share.

Thank you for your co-operation. Salaam Aleykum


You can view the page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/quranistsnet/

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