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Quranism is a major stream in Islam along with Sunnism and Shiaism. Quranism approaches Islam in a unique way compared to the others in that it rejects or at least questions the role of Islamic Traditions. In doing so, Quranists have had to engage with the Quran through fresh eyes and have become a  type of Islam which is unusual to most people. However, in recent years with the popularisation of the internet, Quranism has become very high-profile. This website hopes to promote Quranism as a form of Islam.

The Quranists Network is an association of individuals and institutions who promote Quranism. It  is not the owner of the term of Quranists or Quranism.  Quranism and Quranists is a public term and many individuals and institutions have carried this term before us.


You can view the website here: www.quranists.net

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