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Quranists Reverts and Converts Support Network

This Facebook group has over 3K members.

This is what we found on the “About” section of the group.


Salaam Aleykum!
The about page is easier to see if you click here! http://bit.ly/aboutQRAC

To view the Welcome Pack, please click here:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before your request to join the group will be approved, you must answer the message sent to you by an admin. Please check your OTHER message folder for this message.

This group is intended to be a support network for Quranist muslim Reverts and Converts. All Reverts and Converts are welcome to come here for support, but please bear in mind that in this group we are supporting the belief that the Quran is the sole divine source of islam, as this is a predominantly Quranists groups.

The aim of this group is as a refuge* for Quranists to come and share what problems they may be experiencing since becoming quranist, and to support one another.

The reason for highlighting that this is a Quranists group is for upfront and honesty purposes only, to avoid the situation where people come in thinking this is a group for Orthodox/Traditional Islam. Most support networks for new muslims claim to be non-sectarian without advertising the fact they are Orthodox/Traditional. It is sometimes a bit of an eye-opener when you find out there is an approach / agenda of some kind, and it will usually be either Sunni, Shia, Sufi or quranist. Some ppl don’t like to be upfront about their approach for fear of being labelled sectarian. We believe honesty is the best policy here and that people have the right to know what to expect when they join a FaceBook group.

There are no pre-requirements for being a Quranist apart from believing that the Quran is the sole divine source of islam. Quranists are not exclusive – diversity of understandings and beliefs and an open mind are obligatory here! 🙂 Quranism is not a sect – it’s an approach to islam, based purely on what is in the Quran.

Please note that Quranists do not believe in 2nd or 3rd divine sources as this contradicts the Quran. Quranists do not reject 2 verses of the Quran. Please visit http://quranists.net/ for more info.
This is not the place to debate about the authority or authenticity of the Hadith Collections or the Sunnah. You are welcome to debate this on http://quranists.net/forum or in the Qnet FB grouphttp://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_210432005647027&ap=1

*refuge = any place, person, action, or thing that offers or appears to offer protection, help, or relief . Attacks, threats, etc will not be tolerated here. This is meant to be a positive space where people who want to give and receive support from each other can do so in a friendly, caring and respectful way.


You can view the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/QRACSN/

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