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This site is dedicated to an ardent study of the Quran with a view to better understand its true message. It is also focused at addressing misconceptions found in Muslim thought and which often pervades Islamic literature.

For sake of ease, the site has only posited arguments which can be readily verified and cross referenced by use of the internet and public libraries. For this reason, the website has restricted itself to tools which readers can easily access for themselves or via the Study Tools section within this site.

Much of research work over numerous years relies on resources which are still not readily accessible to the non-scholarship, non-academic community, via the Internet or non-specialist libraries. Much of these resources are still under copyright and remain in non-electronic form. When they are available in electronic form, they are often subscription only for specific academic researchers and institutions (such as JSTOR). If they are available for general download or purchase, they are often quite expensive. For this reason I have declined to make use of such arguments in my articles as many readers will not be able to identify or verify the claims for themselves with any degree of ease from these sources.

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