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This seems to be most common of all pronouncements – proclaiming that “Sahih Bukhari’ is next to the Quran. A complete examination of this had clearly indicated that out of the 114 Chapters or Surahs only few Verses of 76 of the Surahs have been recorded in Bukhari – 28 Whole Chapters or Surahs have been totally ignored. 28 Surahs …

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Does The Qur’an Leave Out Anything?

Is it correct to assert that the Qur’an does not contain everything required for guidance, is incomplete and does not give us Divine signposts for all matters necessary? Let us see if Allah takes His Book as incomplete and in any way lacking as a form of guidance. THE QUR’AN HAS EVERYTHING THAT IS REQUIRED FOR DIVINE GUIDANCE And We have revealed the Book …

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