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Non-Believers and the Qur’an: An Atheist Examines a Stupid Meme | Kile Jones

As an avid practitioner of social media, I have come to accept the sharing of overly simplistic, naïve, and hateful memes as commonplace. The digital marketplace is not minus the vitriol of the real world. But as a former student of religious studies, and an atheist interested in working with religious persons, there are times when I have to stand …

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ISIS and Radical Islam: An Atheist Examines a Stupid Meme | Kile Jones

In my last post, I examined a meme that attempted to show the Qur’an contains hate-speech towards nonbelievers. I argued that when we view the passages in the meme in textual and historical context, the Qur’an is not even close to hate-speech to non-Muslims. Additionally, I highlighted the perils of proof-texting by using simplistic and naive memes. In this post, …

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Can one become a Nabi by his own efforts as per 4:69?

Q. Deniers of finality of Prophet-hood cite verse 4:69 “whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, then he is among the company of the Prophets..” to justify the claim of Prophet-hood of their group’s founder. They maintain that their leader obeyed Allah and His Messenger to such an extent and devotion that he too became a Nabi(Prophet) and this was, according to them, in …

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ZAKAT and RIBA – Are they connected?

The common perception about ‘Zakat’ is that it is a 2.5% religious tax on your assets. However, this idea is not supported by the Quran at all. Zakat is not restricted to money as we shall see.   OUR OBLIGATIONS 008:041 And know that, surely whatever profit/ghanim you acquire from anything, then indeed one-fifth (20%) of it is for Allah …

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