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The way traditional Muslims (scholars too) try to justify their “writing the books with their own hands and claiming that its from Allah” is by tricking the non-suspecting masses  with statements such as “There are revelations beside the Qur’an that was given to Muhammad”. To know the truth, one must at least let the Qur’an speak on the subject of …

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Abraham’s sacrifice according to The Qur’an

Was Ibrahim ever commanded to physically kill/sacrifice his own son as an act of devotion for Allah? We are going to go examine what the Quran says about this matter. First I want to point out an Ayat/sign from Al-Kitab/The Book. Al Quran 4:93 And whoever kills a believer INTENTIONALLY, then their recompense shall be Hell, abiding therein, and Allah …

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Should Allah be called He?

Should Allah be referred as He/Him? In this article we will examine wether or not the English pronouns ‘he/him’ are sufficient to reference the Arabic word ‘اللَّهُ/Allah’. Let’s start by examining the pronouns. I will be using the Oxford world English dictionary for the English pronouns. He pronoun [third person singular] used to refer to a man, boy, or male …

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