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Both Feeling Threatened, American Muslims and Jews Join Hands

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Jolted into action by a wave of hate crimesthat followed the election victory of Donald J. Trump, American Muslims and Jews are banding together in a surprising new alliance. They are putting aside for now their divisions over Israel to join forces to resist whatever may come next. New groups are forming, and interfaith coalitions that …

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Mosque ‘vandalised’ with chalk messages of love, support in Virginia

BY PAIGE COCKBURNTUE NOV 22 19:57:29 EST 2016 PHOTO The mosque has invited the anonymous supporters to return so they can “reciprocate the love”. SUPPLIED: MUSLIM YOUTH CVA Graffiti is not often associated with positive messages, but the “vandalism” left at a US mosque from a particular group of “hooligans” was unusually heart-warming. “You are loved,” “we are your brothers …

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Why isn’t the KKK designated as a terrorist organisation?

Anonymous dropped a list of more than 1,000 alleged members of the Ku Klux Klan today and there are worries that vigilantes might take justice into their own hands, as well as concerns that the unvetted information might prove to be false. But what if the list turns out to be legitimate? Association with a U.S. hate group is not illegal, and …

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