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Uniting Muslims who follow the Quran alone (submitters القرانيون القرانيين)

This groups has around 3k members and if fairly popular. This is what we found on the “About” section of the page.


*NOTE: Please message the Mod with a short message of why you want to join this Quran based group, Sorry for the inconvenience! (it’s Due to the Large influx of new inactive members and also Spammers)

This Group welcomes everyone to the belief system of “following the Quran alone” (similar to Christian Sola Scripture and Karaite Judaism),
This belief is not new, as It has been cited in Imam Al-shaf”ii debates. They called the people who followed such ideology “Ahle al kalam”.
It is believed that it was Imam Al-Shaf’ii that elevated the Hadith to the status of divine revelation, using the concept of the duality of divine revelation, one for the Quran and the other for the Hadith, in the third century after the Prophet’s Muhammed’s death.

***Rules of Conduct***

*Retaliate Evil with Good…don’t fight fire with gasoline 😉
*Retaliate with what is better–so much so that your enemy might become your friend (41:34)
*Refrain from Name calling or Making fun of people (49:11)
*Refrain from using bad language except if injustice befalled you (4:148)
*Refrain from Backbitting and spying(49:12) God doesn’t love Traitors (8:58)

*Pardon & Forgive; would you not love that God would forgive you? (24:22)
*Be Nice to People (2:83) & Pray for them (45:14)…God Loves Nice people (5:13)
*Argue in a positive manner and with wisdom/advising (16:125, 29:46)
*Note: The devil tries to put animosity/hatred amongst us! (17:53)
* If you can’t agree, then agree to disagree (10:99)
*There is no coercion in religion (2:256)
*Invoke God Almighty for help, understanding, knowledge, wisdom etc (20:!14)

*May God Almighty unit us, and grant us success!


You can view the page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/310518545650653/

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